Terpenes are compounds found in cannabis and many other plants, fruits, herbs, vegetables and spices- and well, due to the hops, they are even found in beer.  To put it simply, terpenes are the aromatic oils that give your favourite cannabis varieties distinctive flavours like citrus, berry, mint, and pine.  They play a significant role in the therapeutic and medicinal use of cannabis strains by creating subtle differences in effects across various types.  Limonene for example, a terpene often extracted from orange peels, but also found in cannabis, has been shown to have properties that can relieve stress and inflammation.  There are hundreds of different types of terpenes found in different strains of cannabis, and when consumed in conjunction with CBD, terpenes can have different effects on the body.  To put this into perspective, let’s discuss the “entourage effect.”

Think of an orange.  If we refine an orange enough we may begin to remove beneficial components like vitamins and minerals, until we are left with only sugar.  The entourage effect works on the notion that cannabis extracts like CBD oil is more therapeutic and effective when it is consumed in conjunction with other naturally occurring chemicals in the plant such as terpenes.  In a nut-shell, various terpenes have been shown to have various potential effects, including; anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-microbial, anti-oxidant, anti-anxiety, mood-elevation, pain-relief, memory-enhancement and so on.

Terpenes Benefits

Now that we know terpenes are the fragrant oils that give cannabis its aromatic diversity, it’s time for the benefits of terpenes!

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Found in certain cannabis strains with concentrations found in mangos, lemongrass, thyme, and hops.  Myrcene may help provide relief from muscle tension and inflammation and can produce a soothing effect.


Linalool is a terpene found in certain strains of cannabis and also in the essential oil of lavender.  It is widely known for stress relief and relaxation. Linalool can also help to balance out the mind and body during more stressful times.  


Limonene is one of the most abundant terpene in cannabis.  It gives off a citrusy aroma and is commonly found in the rinds of citrus fruit.  Limonene may be used for gastrointestinal problems, heartburn, and even helps with mood enhancement.


Not surprisingly, pinene is found in certain strains of cannabis, as well as in the essential oils in pine trees.  Pinene may be helpful for memory retention, staying alert and is shown to have antiseptic properties


That peppery smell you know and love? That’s caryophyllene. It’s commonly found in black pepper, cloves, and some people even note hints of wood and cinnamon!  Caryophyllene is great for your digestive system and has anti-inflammatory properties.


Known to be one of the rarer terpenes found in cannabis.  Terpinolene can be found in apples, cumin spice and lilacs. Terpinolene may help to enhance mood and provide a calming effect in the mind and body.

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