Pet Blend


  • 600mg CBD in 30ml bottle
  • Infused with curcuma long
  • Formulated to reduce inflammation, pain, anxiety and stress

Herbica products are manufactured in a GMP facility for quality assurance.  Herbica products are batch tested for potency, for the presence of moulds, yeasts and bacteria and for heavy metal content.

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Herbica CBD Drops for Dogs is formulated for our furry friends.  It contains CBD isolate, the purest form of CBD, and is infused with curcuma longa (turmeric).  CBD has been shown to have an array of potential benefits for our furry friends, including; overall calming effects, reduced separation anxiety, reduced anxiety during thunderstorms, reduced pain and inflammation, increased appetite, improved sleep, reduced nausea and added protection for the central nervous system.

Ingredients:  Caprylic triglycerides, cannabidiol (CBD) and curcuma longa.

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